What is Retirement / Next Chapter Coaching?

At nextchaptercoaching we work with clients who are considering or have retired from the workplace and wish to explore their options. Some people call this ‘retirement coaching’ but we never found this term to be useful to describe the changes and plans our clients make after leaving the workplace.

So what is nextchaptercoaching?

Coaching is really a process of helping you to transition from where you are to where you want to go. It is an individual and unique journey of self-awareness and personal responsibility for your future. It provides an opportunity to reflect on the challenges and opportunities ahead.

We have designed a ‘Chapters’ framework as a useful tool to address the range of issues when making the transition from the formal workplace. The ‘Chapters’ headings are a framework for reviewing the situation you are in or are heading into and used to review a personal plan for next steps.

Completing a Chapters review is very simple and is used in workshop sessions and individual coaching sessions.


Health& Wellbeing,


Personal Development,




Social factors


We work with organisations ‘in house’ to deliver pre-retirement courses for employees. The workshops are delivered over an eight-week programme addressing core issues.


We also work with individuals who wish to focus on planning for transitions and next chapters before or after they leave the formal world of work. The coaching session can be delivered in person and/or online.

Next Coaching Coach

 Stella Gilmartin is an experienced accredited coach, trainer and educator. Stella’s work experience spans education, public service, and management consultancy. She has taught and lectured Psychology in second and third level institutions. She has worked as a coach for 12 years delivering programmes and one to one coaching to politicians, PR companies, Senior Executives and Chief Executives. Stella’s coaching work is now almost exclusively related to retirement.

Due to COVID all sessions are currently online and over the telephone.  I offer a 30-minute FREE session for next chapter coaching, so you can try before you commit to anything.

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Call us on  075 2515 1095 or alternatively email stella@gilmartinconsulting.co.uk to discuss options.