What is Mediation all about?

  • Voluntary process of conflict resolution
  • Interest based process based on consensus and collaborative agreement
  • Opportunity to address issues in a confidential and private environment
  • Mediation is an effective and becoming the first choice option for conflict resolution in many organisations


  • Stella Gilmartin is trained in conflict resolution skills and techniques.
  • Stella¬†provides a safe, expert, confidential environment to enable you to resolve your difficulties in a manner that is appropriate to you

When to use Mediation

  • Single issue and multi issue disputes
  • As a preventive intervention early in a conflict
  • Facilitating innovative and sustainable solutions when parties are willing but stuck
  • As an alternative to costly and public litigation

Benefits of Mediation

  • Improves communication
  • Narrows outstanding issues
  • Defuses emotions
  • Defines areas of agreement
  • Lower cost than litigation or investigation
  • Less adversarial
  • Allows for creative solutions


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